KyoEasyPrint simplifies all routine document output workflows. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, this software will increase productivity by turning even the most complex printing routines into a one-click operation.

Administrative workflows often require a document to be sent to different departments, often with different settings. Managing these processes manually takes time and is prone to error.

KyoEasyPrint can easily automate these complex document output workflows.

A single click can simultaneously:

  • Send the document to different devices in different departments
  • Have copies printed from various printer trays for various qualities and/or sizes of paper;
  • Use different finishing options for each copy (e.g. stapling, punching, n-up, etc);
  • Print out copies with different watermarks, stationery or insert pages;
  • Send the document straight to a fax machine, or archive the document on your server.

Processing office document workflows without delays can aid in speeding up the administrative process. As a result office efficiency can be increased, and administrative costs can be reduced.

Print Management Software

Full cost visibility, print rule enforcement including locking away colour printing, printing from any device from a single print queue and card authentication at devices. These are all features incorporated in a managed print service solution – depending on customer requirements.

With HyPAS applications, print management solutions just became easier to obtain:

  • Colour Control allows administrators to restrict colour printing
  • Login Manager provides serverless user authentication at a device
  • Print & Follow provides a secure print release from any device
  • Teaching Assistant provides a new way for exams to be issued & graded.

Please contact us for more information on which Print Management features can best benefit your business.