Kyocera HyPAS Application - Cloud Connect | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems

Cloud Connect

Allows users to easily scan to, or print from, the cloud directly from the MFP – no need for access to a PC or carrying paper documents.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - Colour Control | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems

Colour Control

A simple way to restrict access to colour copying requiring authentication at the device for colour functionality.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - Language Select | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems

Language Select

Created for multilingual companies, Language Select allows users to switch between all languages set on the device with one touch of a button.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - Login Manager | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems

Login Manager

Severless user authentication, ideal for smaller businesses. Meaning SME’s can easily introduce a private printing environment.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - Mail2Me | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems


Allows users to scan to their associated email addresses with one click.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - Mobile Print | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems

Mobile Print

Allows users to print to and scan from Kyocera devices using Android or iOS tablets and smartphones.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - Pinpoint Scan | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems

Pinpoint Scan

Pinpoint Scan searches the network to find the PC associated with specific user PINs and scans directly to it.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - Print & Follow | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems

Print & Follow

Print & Follow provides a secure print release accessible and affordable for small businesses – no need for a costly separate server.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - Quick Print | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems

Quick Print

Ideal for organisations who need to update forms or templates regularly, Quick Print enables one-touch deployment via the MFP network.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - SMARTScan & SMARTFax | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems


Simplify and accelerate MFP scanning and faxing with SMARTScan & SMARTFax, helping to reduce operating costs at the same time.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - Teaching Assistant | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems

Teaching Assistant

Streamlines the task of printing, grading and analysing multiple-choice test results, eliminating these time-consuming tasks.

Kyocera HyPAS Application - Cloud Direct | Kyocera Copiers | Insight Systems

Cloud Direct

Bridge the gap from your MFP to Google Drive, Dropbox and Internet fax with Kyocera Cloud Direct.